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Craven Arms
Shopfloor/Petrol Station
10.00 gbp / hour
Full time

A Customer Service Assistant is the main contact for our customers, and as such they must be skilled at offering excellent service at all times.

This can be in the form of: initial contact, including a pleasant greeting, correct body language and very importantly eye contact; polite and efficient service; undivided attention at all times; informing the customer of our great savings and explaining our current promotional schemes; ensuring that the customer will leave the store feeling they have had an excellent shopping experience thanks to great Customer service and ultimately spread the word as well as return next time. This applies to all positions within the store, shop floor and checkouts alike.

Tuffins aim is to be the place to shop for: Great value, Great range, Quality fresh foods and most importantly... Great Customer Service.

A Customer Service Assistant is expected to be fully focused on this aim at all times they are on duty, and strive to exceed this expectation, not just meet it. It is a minimum requirement to make sure we build our brand successfully in an extremely competitive business.

Overall objectives:

  • Offer excellent customer Ssrvice that exceeds expectations every time.
  • Actively promote the Tuffins brand and help create an environment that is the place to shop and the place to work. You will be our best or worst advert!
  • Make sure any complaints are dealt with efficiently, promptly and always with a professional approach, seeking assistance from line management as necessary.
  • Follow all instructions that enable you to carry out your duties to the standards required.
  • At all times wherever you work in the store, you must strive for excellence, whether that is serving at the checkout, replenishing the stock, building displays, placing POS, cleaning or any other task.

All activities need to be carried out with a focus on excellence.

  • Be prepared to be coached / trained in improving your performance if it is recognised as below Company expectations.
  • Adopt a positive approach to all statutory training with the enthusiasm to do well, not viewing it as a chore. We have a very serious obligation to trade within the law, the training provided is to protect the business and the community / public.
  • Ensure all policies regarding time keeping and standards of dress are complied with at all times.
  • Maintain all Company policies with regard to Health & Safety.
  • Ensure that your actions do not put at risk the safety of yourself or others.
  • Keep all areas clean, tidy and safe.

Work hard and be proud of where you are and who you work for.

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