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Lane Cottage Produce

Lane Cottage Produce
Wonderfully tasty salads and vegetables – traditionally and locally grown in Herefordshire, 
Lane Cottage is based in the beautiful rolling hills of north Herefordshire, situated approximately halfway between Ludlow and Presteigne. The market garden at Lane Cottage was founded nearly three years ago by Richard and Mandy Sidgwick. We choose the varieties we grow for flavour and love to source and experiment with new ones. Our salad leaves are grown in the polytunnels (put up by Richard with the help of our son Louis!) and outside, in our fields, we grow seasonal crops.
Our produce is freshly delivered to our customers – local shops and restaurants.
Lane Cottage Produce – we’re a little different and here’s why:
Prior to our arrival, the land in which we now grow our salads and vegetables was unused and largely undisturbed for many years, so wildlife abounds. Our neighbours tell us that artificial pesticides and fertilizers have never been used on the fields. Therefore, despite it being much harder to grow this way, we made the decision to continue to grow traditionally. We only use organic fertilizers and for pest control we use companion planting,beneficial bacillus and nematodes, which are creatures that eat the baddies that eat our crops! We strongly believe that the taste really is better and the health benefits too: 100% good for you, grown naturally, nothing artificial.
Our customers tell us that they love the fact our produce is local. Lane Cottage is just a stone’s throw from the shops and restaurants which we supply.
Our salads and vegetables are fresher than almost all supermarket veg; it comes straight from us to our customers. We only sell what we grow and we can tell you exactly which field or polytunnel it came from!
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