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NISA connections

NISA launched in 1977 as the Northern Independents Supermarket Association to protect the interests of independents against  the insurgence of national supermarket chains. Over the next 20 years it grew rapidly, attracting thousands of independent retailers to its membership, replaced 'Northern' with 'National' and pioneered central distribution to independent stores to provide them the same benefits as multiples. 

The Tuffins business originally became of member of NISA in 1982 and the Craven Arms store recently by Paul Delves has renewed it's membership. Being a NISA member gives independent supermarkets many benefits. It has a recogniseable name and trustworthy reputation plus 40 years of experience and knowledge on hand. An extensive product range plus strong own label brands are available to all members and because it's owned by it's members, all surplus profits are reinvested or returned as rebates.

For customers, it means you have access to a large range of brands selling a variety of products, all of which have been approved by NISA. The products are often from smaller brands giving you opportunity to try unique products at competitive pricing.

For more information, check out their website here: http://www.nisalocally.co.uk/


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